A surprisingly warm, very human take on our scorching ecological predicament

Dr. Nicholas knows the facts: she is a highly successful researcher and communicator on climate change, a topic most people kind of know in abstract but still in 2021 find hard to confront.

That means us in the wealthy…

There has been considerable debate over individual lifestyle change as a political means to achieve society-wide decarbonization.

The purpose of this post is not to take a political position to which one is more important, individual or collective action, but rather to show what I have done to limit my…

Löysin hiljattain erittäin mielenkiintoisen tutkimuksen vaikeiden tulevaisuuden ilmastovaikutusten viestimisen aiheuttamista tunnetiloista ja käyttäytymismalleista.

Tutkimuksessa käsitellään Pariisin sopimuksen reilusti alle 2 celciusasteen tavoitteen epäonnistumisen ja siitä seuraavien katastrofaalisten vaikutusten todennäköisyyttä sekä tilanteesta viestimisen vaikeutta. Tavoitteeseen pääseminen vaatii suuria, välittömiä toimenpiteitä.

Historiallisesti yksittäisten ihmisten ja päättäjien suhtautuminen asiaan on monesti alkanut niin…

Being honest about climate change is something that has eluded our species, our culture, our economies and our behavior for a long time.

I was once perhaps a bit too grandiose in framing the context merely by looking at the science.

To approach an issue which is essential and imminent…

Climate change is hard to think about in an emotional sense. There are dark periods of political inaction and hostility, emerging security risks and sheer anxiety of losing natural systems like the Great Barrier Reef.

On the other hand, some climate action initiatives in planning seem to take epic proportions…

A gaping disparity has appeared between what Amitav Ghosh in The Great Derangement calls ‘bourgeois belief in the regularity of the world’ and the emerging observations of intrusive, non-human forces therein.

That sounds very fancy and all, but I see it everywhere. In fact, it has become impossible not to…

Aarne Granlund

Climate Mitigation Expert. Fly fishing, skiing, nature.

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