Embrace the Uncanny

January of 2017 was abnormally warm throughout the Arctic and also in Norway.
Rainfall in Helsinki during June 2016 was abnormally heavy.
Data from Yr.no, as measured to past average weather. Notice amount of rainfall in December and January as well as departures from regular winter temperatures.
I went to see for my self. Here in Björkliden the rain boundary crept up to 1000 meters above sea level in January at 68°N. Previous snow fall was compacted into strange ice crust which was nearly impossible to ski on.
Long-term illustration of catastrophic climate risks, Schellnhuber et al (2016).
Paris Agreement government pledges implying overshoot of RCP2.6 pathway, UNFCCC.
Negative emissions trajectories, Anderson and Peters (2016).



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Aarne Granlund

Aarne Granlund

Climate mitigation expert and part-time firefighter. Sufficiency is my lifestyle. Fly fishing, skiing, nature.